One Piece At A Time


LOGLINE: In an effort to preserve his city’s musical history, a producer searches the world for talent, equipment, and new technologies as he endeavors to modernize an outdated Ozark's recording studio.

DESCRIPTION: This follow doc examines all of aspects of music creation in the 21st century as we join songwriter and producer, Shawn Matthews, on his journey to fulfill his 30-year dream of owning a recording studio. The show is self-contained with a hidden format. In each episode, we learn about a piece of new technology, a piece of vintage equipment, a piece of recording history, and discover emerging talent around the world.

Using the online marketplace,, to locate gear from around the world with a unique heritage, we travel to vintage music stores, boutique instrument makers, technology companies, manufacturers, basements, attics, churches, barns, and other stock piles of forgotten equipment. In each episode, Shawn engages with a variety of musicians, studio veterans, and industry professionals who share their anecdotes, expertise, and perspectives. From time to time, Shawn shares his own stories, that range from missing a Foo Fighters audition because of an unpaid cell phone bill, to entering the U.S. Capitol wearing a banana suit.

STYLE: This high energy, gritty and fast-paced show, is packed with stunning visuals, engaging banter, strange locations, and an array of interesting characters. Shawn’s enthusiastic “man-on-the-street” interview style and first person narration fuel each half hour episode.

SAMPLE EPISODE: S1/E1 Another Brick In The Wall? Shawn discovers that his newly purchased recording studio needs a major overhaul to bring it into the 21st century, meanwhile he travels to Reverb’s headquarters in Chicago to track down the authenticity of a newly acquired microphone, claimed to be owned by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. After checking out an up and coming hip-hop artist during his whirlwind tour of London pubs, studios, and music shops, Shawn makes his way to Poland to investigate a company that has invented a robotic drum kit.

Written and Created by Shawn Matthews for Swagbot Creative, LLC | (417) 425-6767 | Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.