Led by CEO & Chief Creative Officer Shawn Matthews, Swagbot Creative is built on a framework of thinkers, makers and doers. Our creatives, strategists and producers approach every project with a love for making ideas come alive.

We create measurable growth by building compelling stories for our clients, then measuring, analyzing and improving using data & metrics.

Our skillset combines a strong blend of marketing, promotion, logistics, content production and creative strategy, allowing us to build integrated, ROI driven social, video and apparel campaigns.

We utilize an agile approach, focused management team and a cloud based talent pool to create measurable business driven solutions for our clients.



Shawn Matthews | CEO

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Kristina Schaffer |­ Customer Relations

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Juli Matthews |­ COO / CFO

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The Swagbot story really begins in the 70’s with pop culture influences ranging from toys like Legos & Colorforms, sit coms like Good Times & Happy Days, Saturday Night Live, video games, Star Wars, music groups like KISS, Jackson Five & Abba and the rise of mega­brands like Nike.

In the early 90’s we started designing logos, posters, album covers and t­shirts for bands. This paved the way for working with national touring acts, merchandising bands and the Combat Chuck phenomenon (a pre­social media, niche marketing campaign that received national attention, reaching over 1.5M people, all from a $300 initial investment.)

Under the direction of Shawn Matthews, the past two decades have been spent in a barrage of creative output ranging from developing screenplays, treatments and show pitches to writing songs that have been heard on radio, movies and television.

For years Matthews has worked with large organizations, small businesses and independent artists like DC based singer-songwriter Andy Zipf, helping him to crowd fund $45,000 for The Long Tail album project (three years prior to the launch of popular funding site Kickstarter.com.)

Shawn's publicity and public relations education came as a result of his time as a professional songwriter. His access as an artist allowed him to glean tricks of the trade from entertainment publicity legends like Nasty Little Man and Much & House. This knowledge helped him earn media attention for client projects on XM Radio, The Howard Stern Show, Fox Sports Japan, Paste Magazine, E! Entertainment Television, The Washington Post, Universal Pictures, MTV and the Today Show.

As a content producer, Matthews has created pro-bono work for Wikipedia, She Dances and the American Red Cross, including a social media event called Tweepared to raise awareness for emergency preparedness. He has also appeared as a guest on the nationally syndicated Jim Bohanan Show, sponsored parties and performed media stunts at SXSW. As a writer, Matthews has also contributed to Fresh Cup Magazine and Odesk-elance.com.

Now, in 2015, we are excited to work with a wide variety of customers. We produce small batch t-shirt orders and collect valuable insight through customer feedback in our retail store and through our social channels. 

We design, develop, manufacture and fulfill merchandise orders for customers like Wikipedia. We have produced videos for national clients like Odesk-Elance and O'reilly Auto Parts. we offer a full stack of enterprise solutions for startups, non­profits and organizations of every size.



We are a fun group of twenty, thirty and forty somethings looking to change the face of promotional apparel by integrating digital tools like video and social into the fabric (pun intended) of brand centric campaigns.

Our love for robots, technology, design, music, pop culture and innovation drives our company forward. We have an experienced team of professionals ready to guide your creative project to the next level, whether it’s a simple line of promotional merchandise or a nationwide promotional campaign, we can help.


We are focused on delivering ROI driven creative direction & project management for our clients. We tell stories that inform, entertain, enlighten and engage.

We build brands with a multifaceted skill set and 25 years of marketing, entertainment, social media, web development, strategic planning and e­commerce experience. We are light-weight and agile. We strive for value and quality.

Every project we work on starts with a piece of paper and a pencil and then we begin building a complete understanding of an organization, aiming to create solutions that meet the business, brand, strategic and budgetary goals.